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Portland duo makes music that they consider to be a... "Belief System"?

I should start out by saying that this band isn't necessarily for everyone. YACHT bills themselves as "a band, a business, and a belief system." If this is sounds intriguing to you or you just have a healthy respect for music than you should definitely read on.

YACHT is one of the most controversial and interesting bands out. Started as a solo project by Portland native Jona Bechtolt, the band was a 2000s sounding grunge. Recently the band doubled in size when Bechtolt added vocalist Claire Evans from Marfa, TX. With her addition the band went from a small Portland indie label to one of the premier dance labels in NYC. Now YACHT has more of an alternative/electronic/dance feel that is fronted by Evans' spoken lyrics.

The duo is considered to be somewhat of a cult. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for the audience to sit down with their eyes closed as YACHT instructs them to envision the thing they hate most and yell obscenities in what they call "group meditation". Regardless of how you decide to take their "belief system", they're music is unique and masterfully made. Pitchfork.com gave See The Mystery Lights an 8.5 out of 10. They are currently on tour with Bobby Birdman.

Check out Laura Pollina's review of YACHT live here.

-Rusty Redden

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