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Evan Taubenfeld

The man behind Avril Lavigne is on his own with Welcome To The Blacklist Club.

Avril Lavigne's guitarist, musical director, and former boyfriend has flown the coop and conjured up his own tween bubblegum anthems. Evan Taubenfeld wrote many of Avril's hit songs such as "Don't Tell Me" and "Hot". With his latest release, Welcome to the Blacklist Club, it is only familiar and safe ground covered. A openly compressed and overly produced album that is manufactured specifically for a focused audience.

You have to give the guy some credit though. He writes hits and he does it well so why change the formula? Tween pop/punk fans will craze for this album as it has arrived just in time to be the perfect summer album to hear bumping from suburban vans on the way home from school.

Evan has promoted the album via youtube and his website personally. Taubenfeld's musicianship and close relationship with his fans is evident and will most likely lead to some commercial success. However, the age of Avril has come to a close and I would not expect him to be a Top 40 hit any time soon.

- Rusty Redden

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he is amazing! i saw him live and he deff knows how to interrract with the audience!

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBBrooks

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