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Honor Society


Jonas Brothers: Beta Version

They're so young you would not guess they've been together for four years making songs with their own money. They sent those songs to friends and one of those friends was friends with Nick Jonas. Good lookin’ out because just two years after that happened they're playing sold out stadiums with the Jonas Brothers. Their album was released last September and is called Fashionably Late.

Post JoBro tour, Honor Society has performed the National Anthem at this year’s Pro Bowl and they were also selected to be part of the exclusive soundtrack for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games produced by AT&T, along with other artists such as Mariah Carey, Rascal Flatts and Sugarland! Honor Society is about to embark on the Here Comes Trouble Tour as well as making national appearances on television shows including The Today Show, CBS’s The Early Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The US tour dates were just announced and you can find them at myspace.com/honorsociety.

Check out their first hit single!

“Over You”

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