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iGrill for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch

It could be the greatest thing I have ever laid eyes on. As a guy who loves to sit in the backyard, fire up the grill and cook my little heart out, I could hardly contain my excitement when my soon to be wife told me about an app called iGrill. My ears perked up and my heart started pounding as if I had just eaten 6 pounds of steak. I jumped on the iGrill website and began to read. Here are a few highlights about the iGrill!

What is the iGrill? The iGrill is a Bluetooth enabled remote cooking thermometer. The base unit hangs outside the grill and you insert a probe in your food to determine temperature, just like one based on RF. The iGrill supports up to two probes and transmits the data to your iOS device.

So what you're telling me is that I no longer have to constantly get up from my conversation to check to see if my food is burning? Thats exactly right! The app that comes along with the iGrill has a virtual thermometer that allows you to set an alarm that will go off when your food is cooked to your liking. The app also includes some recipes but not a lot, which is one of the downsides to the app.

The device itself is kind of expensive coming in at $99 but at the same time if you are into Bluetooth technology and all that Apple has to offer, you will find that that price of this item is no big deal. Plus, after you char your steak or you under cook your chicken, you'll be glad that you have this thing! No more cutting into your meat to see if its done!!!

All in all, its a cool device and a cool app. Burned or under cooked food definitely doesnt make you cooler but something cooked to perfection certainly does! iGrill Device features:

Touch Interface and Projection Display : iGrill is easy to keep clean because there are no buttons to get gummed up or seams to gather dirt.

Bluetooth® enabled: Kitchens are cluttered enough. Who needs wires?

200 foot+ range: Anywhere in the house, anywhere in the yard, we have you covered.

Stand-alone thermometer: iGrill works whether you pair it with your device or not. Just set your desired temperature and iGrill will beep when your food is ready.

Maximized Temperature Range: Capable of tracking temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

Multi-Probe capacity: When you purchase a second Probe, iGrill can monitor the temperature of two items simultaneously, like turkey and ham or the breast and the drumstick.

Integrated probe storage: Eliminate the tangle in your kitchen drawer!

Alarms: On the grill, out of mind. So you can pay attention to your guests!

Lay it flat, stand it up, or hang it.: Quick to set up, out of the way and easy to read.


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